Rogers is a Canadian communications institution, providing services ranging from wireless voice and data to cable TV, high-speed Internet, radio and TV broadcasting, magazine publishing, sports entertainment and movie/game retailing.

With almost 29,000 employees in locations across Canada, Rogers wanted to improve the collaborative capabilities of its workforce through enterprise social computing (ESC). By establishing a common space for communication across the Rogers organization, an ESC solution would promote knowledge-capture and -sharing among employees, increase their efficiency, and serve as a recruiting tool in helping to attract and retain new talent.


Working to a set of specific key performance indicators (KPIs), nonlinear designed and piloted a robust ESC platform built around the advanced collaboration of Microsoft SharePoint 2010. Delivered to an initial group of 200 users via the Microsoft Rapid Deployment Program, the pilot’s features and functionality included custom branding; KPI dashboarding; full MOSS 2010 Search capabilities; mash-ups (applications that combine various information sources into a single online interface); and My Site functionality (dedicated personal sites that provide each user with a central location for storing, customizing and sharing content).

Based on the success of that pilot, nonlinear then undertook a major consultation effort, interviewing and holding workshops with employees across the organization. This resulted in a detailed strategy for the renewal of the entire intranet environment. From there, nonlinear designed the user experience starting with a detailed information architecture that focused on the needs of employees and their common tasks. Wireframes were built as part of an interactive low-fidelity prototype, which was then subject to usability testing in a facilitated environment. From there, the wireframes were designed and detailed use cases were written to support the Rogers’ team in their build. Lastly, content author training was delivered for the new solution.

In parallel, nonlinear helped create and facilitate the first meetings of an executive steering committee and departmental advisory committee as part of an overall governance strategy to ensure the healthy maintenance and growth of the intranet as well as to ensure ongoing alignment with corporate priorities.


The resulting intranet platform first and foremost supports the overall corporate goal of a “one company” vision – all employees, regardless of business line or geographic location, see the same intranet homepage and corporate information, with sections of the page earmarked for more personal, employee-centric information. This marrying of corporate consistency with a personal twist permeates the site, striking a delicate balance between the view of the individual and the view of the corporation. Branding and content structures are consistent and social / collaborative tools have been baked into the overall site experience, complementing the already-present spirit of collaboration and offline networks that were uncovered in the consultations.

The parallel governance efforts will help ensure that the fragmentation and ad-hoc proliferation of sites that marked the earlier intranet efforts will not be repeated. Training and process definition set the table.