Established in 1986, Enerplus is an independent North American energy producer with a diversified asset base of oil and gas properties across a variety of resource plays that offer both a stable cash flow stream as well as growth potential.

Enerplus chose Office 365 SharePoint to host a new, reimagined intranet that would unify company information silos and provide a single platform for both their United States and Canadian employee base to access all corporate information in a more intuitive fashion.


Enerplus chose nonlinear to guide their combined Communications and IT team through the process of re-imagining and re-designing the new enerNET. Beginning with a strategic initiative, multiple sessions with key stakeholders and representatives from each department were conducted to ensure alignment with corporate goals and priorities. Once known, these key details drove development of the new information architecture and design.

Additionally, nonlinear developed a new governance framework for every level of interaction with the new site structure. Many workshops and training sessions were conducted to make sure each individual responsible to keeping content up-to-date could easily make changes and roll-out timely updates to the entire company. 


The combined project team worked together to re-categorize key information into areas related to tasks instead of by department. The resulting information architecture has led to a complete turnaround in how Enerplus navigates the intranet to get work done and find information. The new intranet enables management to execute on their key goals of making company metrics viewable to everyone, enabling a safe workplace, and recognizing employee contributions.

Other benefits included:

  • Closer collaboration and ownership of content by enabling departmental sites
  • A more consistent user experience through a unified design
  • Improved search capabilities
  • Extending the overall brand strategy onto the intranet
  • Allowing field worker access and contributions
  • Eliminating outdated content by creating a process to ensure content remains current
  • Increased visibility to corporate goals, objectives & current status
  • A more scalable and stable platform by using Office 365 SharePoint
  • Integration with Google Analytics