The concept of a
corporate intranet is changing

Thanks to the rising complexity of needs, multiple ways of communicating, and multitude of tools and services available, companies’ internal systems have largely outgrown the concept of an intranet as simply a destination based website.

Companies must consider how all of these different aspects fit together as an experience for today’s employee, and use a lens of not only business value, but also user centricity and change management.

Transitioning your intranet to a digital workplace is key to making today’s business tools work for employees. We help users and organizations in their struggle to make sense of technology change and harness promised value. We take a technology agnostic approach that put the users at the center, with business and organizational context around them.



Governance & Adoption

Many intranets or digital workplace initiatives are launched with the intention of becoming the central means for communicating within an organization. But the sad reality is that it often falls short of everyone’s expectations. However, by ensuring internal initiatives are supported by solid governance - the people, policies and processes that determine the rules by which publishers and consumers interact with implemented solution – and well thought through user adoption plans, will greatly contribute to their long-term successes within your organization.

Nonlinear’s Entreprise strategists will work with you to create realistic governance structures and cost effective user adoption strategies for your digital workplace initiatives.

SharePoint Branding & UX

An effective SharePoint user experience adds simplicity to the daily lives of your employees, customers and partners. An elegant, intuitive and smoothly functioning SharePoint interface pays immediate dividends in increased adoption while reinforcing core elements of your brand.

Nonlinear finds ways to reflect the tone of your brand throughout the entire experience of interacting with your SharePoint systems. We ensure it is intuitive and easy to use. And in doing so, we transform the intranet from just another application to a true business platform – one that anticipates a user’s needs and lets them get work done.

Business Process Automation

With the pressures of digital transformation on companies today, business processes need a serious rethink. What can you automate? What can you streamline? What can you eliminate? What today is physical that should be digital?

We start by reviewing your internal operations before creating a plan to optimize your routine tasks. Whether it’s automating daily workflows or adopting a new methodology, the right solution usually starts with the most pressing one and then builds from that success.

Our team of consultants can help:

  • identify the processes that are best candidates for improvement
  • create a plan to optimize key processes
  • identify whether the problems are technical or procedural
  • engage the appropriate stakeholders in the project to ensure success

Nonlinear consultants will work with your team to automate routine tasks using systems you have in place now – SharePoint built-in workflows, Office 365 – or use new applications such as Nintex Workflow and Forms.

Reporting and Dashboards

Organizations today produce mountains of data. How you leverage this intelligence to manage your business is critical. It is no longer acceptable to wait for a backroom analyst to work away for days or weeks before you get to see information you need to make critical decisions. The ability to gain real-time insight into your operations is what will set you apart from your competition.

The Nonlinear team of data analysts takes a practical approach to driving value from your existing data. We turn your business data into intelligence and actionable insights by creating meaningful dashboards and ongoing monitoring services to help you make the right decisions when it matters most.

Information Architecture

Build an understanding of how technology is very rapidly changing your business and what it could mean for you and your competition.

Office 365

By using Nonlinear’s Office 365 comprehensive planning and deployment services, you can rest assured that your journey to the cloud will be successful. Our team will guide you from understanding the potential of the technology to ensuring users are trained on the technology once fully deployed. Talk to us, we’ll show you how Microsoft is reinventing how companies today are doing business.


Leveraging Microsoft’s suite of cloud technologies, Nonlinear builds client-centric digital workplace and customer portal solutions. By using SharePoint and O365 we ensure our end-to-end solutions are mobile friendly, personalized and able meet the needs of your employees and the demands of your key customers. In today’s increasingly competitive marketplace, building better collaboration tools for your employees and enhancing your customer experiences is a must. With our experience and world class technology, let us show you the art of the possible.

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