Evolving the patient experience.

Cloud, mobile and the capacity to reason over large sets of data represents an incredible opportunity to evolve the patient experience. We see these advancements as imperative in realizing a state of the healthcare system that is not just reactive but proactive – saving money and lives.

Nonlinear works with large healthcare providers, government and pharmaceutical companies to evaluate the current state of their digital workplace and develop practical plans for modernization. Taking legacy systems into account, we develop intranets and applications that aid in managing day-to-day operations and address specific patient-care scenarios.

Our experience in the healthcare sector is varied – including a collaboration with Microsoft in the consolidation of health records online for a provincial government, the advancement of a digital workplace for a healthcare system comprising of over 14,000 employees, the implementation of specialized workflows for managing complex policies and procedures, and the use of advanced analytics to achieve a dramatic 370% increase in donations to a large children’s hospital.

We apply a deep understanding of design thinking methods, content management, custom application development, enterprise search, analytics and artificial intelligence to create impactful solutions for our customers and their patients.




Hospital Policies and Procedures Workflows for Office 365

The importance of policies and procedures in a hospital setting cannot be underestimated, from ensuring that a hospital does not make an illogical, irrational or possibly even illegal decision, to helping employees understand their roles and responsibilities, policies set the foundation for the delivery of safe and cost-effective quality healthcare.

Staying up-to-date with laws and regulations can be challenging for hospitals. Ensuring the proper approvals are in place and that they are tracked, in a user-friendly way, are important aspects of this. We understand this, and can help you implement your custom policy workflows into your Office 365 deployment to help ensure that employees can easily access the most current, and accurate, information with minimal friction to their day-to-day. In addition, a well-integrated and streamlined set of workflows will provide a more effective means for regulatory and accrediting organizations to validate that you are operating in a state of continued readiness for a survey or audit.

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