Design thinking at work.

Successful deployment of any business solution in today’s rapid pace enterprise environment requires insight into the users who will interact with them. History has shown that failure to properly capture your users’ needs
 leads to failed implementations.

An emphasis on the user experience and “good design” is increasingly recognized as foundational, resulting in the rise of “design thinking” approaches and renewed interest in personas and other techniques to overcome traditional barriers to success such as unclear priorities and lack of vision. We work with companies all over the world to help them understand and engage their audiences, design for adoption and unlock creativity within their organizations.



Rapid Ideation and Prototyping

Nonlinear’s cross-functional design team works closely with your team on-location to take you from problem definition, to business prioritization, to testable prototype and requirements in a highly collaborative process that leaves stakeholders fully invested in a solution they can truly own.

This highly iterative approach is well-suited for organizations:

  • who are interested in innovation and in a process that leverages their people and strengths to co-create new ideas and approach;
  • are looking for rapid progress, and are willing to tackle needs in a phased approach or series of projects, even if they aren’t sure where to start;
  • have invested in a technology platform but aren’t sure what’s possible or how best to leverage it;
  • want to make technology decisions by taking a business focused and user-centric approach to understand what the true needs are;
  • need to build internal alignment around future investments in the digital experience.

Creative Designs

Inspiring, innovative, creative, fresh – adjectives that describe the creative work our team will deliver for your next digital workplace initiative. Our world-class designers and UX experts will draw inspiration from your stakeholders and employee needs to create user-centered design for an ever changing ubiquitous working world.

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