What does digital transformation look like for you?

Digital business is reshaping the enterprise quickly and with dramatic effect and many businesses are challenged on how to react.  Significant changes in the way we work, communicate, and sell have given rise to new opportunities and challenges, and has triggered the Digital Transformation of almost all companies and organizations.

Digital Transformation can extend the reach of companies, improve management decisions, and speed the development of new products and services. At the same time, the excessively rapid adoption of technologies can disrupt traditional business models. Businesses need to carefully tread the path towards digital transformation with a concrete strategy to harness its strengths and mitigate its challenges.

As we embrace the era of digital transformation, organizations must be prepared to adapt in order to survive. By helping organizations rethink their workplaces and create environments that function more like a network of networks, we ensure organizations remain competitive. We've spent 20 years understanding how technology influences business, processes, performance and people, and have a solid approach for getting real results quickly. It is called our Digital Capacity Framework (DCF):

1. Executive Briefing: Laying the Foundation
A free session aimed at your executive team to paint a picture of the business landscape today and the opportunities and threats for your specific company.

2. Workshop(s): Find the Opportunity

Speed and time to market are more important than ever. Nonlinear’s team will work with you to discover and build alignment on the quick wins and key opportunities for your organization and industry

3. Assessment & Planning

Prioritizing the opportunities and building a credible plan for success. Whether we are evaluating the current state of your intranet or innovation capacity, we’ll help you understand where you are and craft a digital workplace maturity map, roadmap, design activities, content strategy, adoption planning and more to guide you on your journey.

4. Enabling & Building

Our team will build and/or implement the technology or help coordinate the various technologies needed. We also assist with employee facing activities like engagement workshops, technology change management and help build the behaviours and leadership capacity to embrace digital transformation.

5. On-Going Advisory

Continuous refinement, improvement and expansion of your efforts lead to increased results for years to come. Our Advisory services allow you to proceed on this journey confidently with a team of dedicated experts who can advise you on best practices, potential pitfalls and how other companies have handled similar situations. 

Get in touch with us to start planning your roadmap to digital transformation.

Strategic Services -
Our expertise in your hands 

We’re difficult to summarize in a nutshell.  The evolving nature of digital experience and its complex relationship to our lives and work requires a well-rounded perspective and the ability to see to the heart of the matter, sometimes at a very detailed level.
You’ll find that our expert strategists and the services we offer, combined with our passion for creative problem solving is just what you need.  

Here’s a sample of how we help our clients: 

 Strategy  User Experience  Expert Review 
 Intranets & Digital Workplace
 Creative Design  Data & Information Assessment
 Governance & Adoption  Wireframes & Prototypes  Intranet Performance Assessment
 Enterprise Architecture  Design Workshops  Health Check
 Software Development  Usability Testing  Social Readiness Assessment
 Data & Architecture  Participatory Design  Technology Evaluation
   Contextual Inquiry  Time-task Benchmarking
   Personas & Journey Mapping  Usability Audit
The Nonlinear Experts Panel

In addition to these services, we also offer an Experts Panel. After a brief time to study your situation, we'll hand-pick experts from our group and bring them to you for a live session to discuss ideas, present thoughts and take on Q&A.

Find out more about the Nonlinear Experts Panel or our other strategic services.

Transitioning your intranet to a digital workplace

Intranets have come a long way from where they started.  For starters, they’re harder to define. Thanks to the rising complexity of needs, multiple ways of communicating, and multitude of tools and services available, companies’ internal systems have largely outgrown the traditional sense of the word “intranet”. 

What does this mean for users?  More tools doesn’t always translate to “better”. We help users and organizations in their struggle to make sense of technology change and harness promised value. We take a technology agnostic approach that puts the users at the center, with business and organizational context around them. Learn more

We'll help you identify and solve for:

  • Quick Wins – What can we do now, and how do we do it? Examples: collaboration tools, user experience improvements, business process automation, intranets & portals, reporting and dashboards, project sites.
  • Technology Assessment – Strategize around what’s available today, what’s on your roadmap and what makes sense.
  • A Roadmap for the Digital Employee Experience – Re-imagine and execute (in phases) new and innovative approaches for employee engagement and productivity. Build organizational alignment to move forward and base next steps on a methodology that brings everyone on board. 

The rules have changed: Office 365 and the digital workplace

Office 365 is not just the next step in Microsoft’s productivity suite – it marks a fundamental rethinking of how a company works.  It is the linchpin for digital transformation efforts, as both a starting point and as a way of envisioning the future by doing.  The Nonlinear team helps organizations get started:

Our Assessment Programs include:

  • Value Discovery Workshops
     identify where Office 365 can drive the most value, most quickly
  • Mobile Workshops
    can Office 365 answer the challenge of bringing your own device in your organization?
  • Enterprise Mobility and Transient Worker Workshops – not all of your team are full time employees; discover how Office 365 can integrate them securely with your team.

Planning and Provisioning Programs

  • FastTrack process engagements – discover the fastest path to Office 365 success
  • Active Directory review and planning – AD is core to Office 365 success.  Make sure the foundation is solid.
  • Tenant planning and definition – plan the structure of your Office 365 deployment
  • Corporate and Content Governance – define who will be responsible for content in Office 365 today and tomorrow
  • Adoption Planning and Enablement – ensuring your team can take advantage of the Office 365 opportunity
Office 365 Migration Services

  • Email and Delve introduction – an introduction to the power of Office 365 Email and Delve using your own data
  • Documents and File Migration – from the file share or intranet to Office 365
  • Corporate Communication and Intranet definition and customization – making Office 365 your own
  • OneDrive implementation – corporate files in one place. Finally.
Ready to Get Work Done?

Our services

Because in the future, technology just works

Nonlinear's Managed Services team lets you make the most of opportunities in the cloud, while sleeping soundly at night knowing that your systems are monitored, maintained and secure.

The Nonlinear team frees your internal resources so they can tackle the hard problems of Digital Transformation by handling critical but routine tasks like patch management, backups and disaster recovery.