SharePoint 2013 is, not surprisingly, the most feature rich and user friendly version of SharePoint ever. This paper provides an overview of the enterprise functionality that has improved such as social, mobile, ECM and search

SharePoint 2013 builds on the solid foundation of SharePoint 2010. This whitepaper discusses the Enterprise functionality that is new or has been significantly enhanced for SharePoint 2013. We have attempted to focus more on the internal, “behind the firewall” functionality that has the potential to most dramatically affect end-user adoption rather than produce a laundry list of feature upgrades as such, the whitepaper will cover social, mobile, ECM and some of the key search improvements.

Throughout the paper we not only look at key feature improvements but we also focus on the business value of these improvements. Some examples are:

  • Several social and collaborative enhancements in SharePoint 2013 help to increase the value of content, by broadening its reach and channels for exposure, as well as prolong the life of the content. These enhancements help an organization get the most out of the content it produces and manages.
  • Benefits from these enhancements will be realized quickly for organizations that are already operating in a collaborative way within an earlier version of SharePoint. 
  • There are some very important enhancements to significantly improve the mobile-enablement of enterprise content over the functionality provided in SharePoint 2010. An organization should seriously consider the upgrade to SharePoint 2013 if they currently support mobile users with earlier versions of SharePoint, or are planning to enable mobile access.
  • Other more advanced enhancements like push notifications, mobile alerts and geolocation will be valuable for organizations that already have a mobile enabled workforce and would like to take it to a new level. The enhancements provide important functionality to provide more comprehensive and valuable mobile applications.

It is expected that this paper will be most valuable to those considering an upgrade from previous versions of SharePoint to the 2013 release. in particular, we believe the information herein would be most relevant to mid- and senior-level decision makers organziations currently using (or investigating) SharePoint 2010.

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