Save time and money when designing a SharePoint 2010 site by using these Visio stencils that demonstrate out-of-the-box functionality. Faster than prototyping in SharePoint and more realistic than creating custom stencils and interfaces.

nonlinear has captured site templates and webparts that ship with SharePoint within a series of Visio 2010 stencils. nonlinear's SharePoint 2010 Stencil Kit enables user experience designers to mock up functionality for SharePoint quickly; while ensuring that pre-existing solutions are considered prior to designing features from scratch.

Who would benefit most from this stencil kit?

nonlinear's SharePoint 2010 Stencil Kit is available to anyone who is in the early stages of a SharePoint planning project. This could be a business analyst, a corporate communications/intranet manager trying to convey concepts to a development team or a user experience designer.

Why would I want to download this?

Designing for SharePoint can be challenging. While almost anything is possible with enough time, money and electricity, seemingly minor design decisions can add weeks to a development project. nonlinear’s team of SharePoint experts created these stencils to help mock up SharePoint sites quickly, using the web parts and site templates that ship with the product. Using the stencils is faster than prototyping directly in SharePoint, but still accurate enough to reduce risks of introducing design elements that inadvertently affect upgrade paths or extend development time unnecessarily.

How will this help me save time or money?

When exploring how requirements map to an interface, nonlinear has found that prototyping directly in SharePoint can take a while and occasionally, certain custom functionality becomes very difficult to emulate within a short period of time. With the stencils, mockups can be developed and circulated with project teams and in a matter of hours.

Why are we giving this away?

As thought leaders in the SharePoint space, nonlinear believes in sharing our vast expertise to benefit the SharePoint community and continue to successfully entrench SharePoint technology within the enterprise. Because designing for SharePoint continues to be a challenge for most, we hope nonlinear’s SharePoint 2010 Stencil Kit will alleviate some of those frustrations.

Anything I should know about how to use these stencils?

You must have Visio 2010 to use the stencils. To use them, copy the .vss files, into: Documents > My Shapes.

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