2015 marked Nonlinear's 20th anniversary - and what a wonderful ride it has been! We've watched the digital content management space and enterprise social movement unfold from the start.

We’ve seen our team grow and develop from our humble beginnings in Ottawa – then across Canada – then to the U.S. – and now, a flourishing team in Brazil.    

We are SO very proud of our work.  Through the efforts of our Enterprise division and our Digital division, we have guided our customers to cultivate their digital business inside the firewall and out. 

Here, we share some of the most popular insights from the Nonlinear Enterprise team from 2015.

1. What is an Intranet?  The evolving definition
 of employee experience

Employing a user-centered perspective, our strategic practice lead Amy Yee explores the definition and evolution of the intranet.  She raises fundamental questions about employee experience, content, tools and governance. The article is must-read for anyone embarking on an intranet project today.

what is an intranet

2. SharePoint enters the twilight years

Over the past 15 years, SharePoint established itself as the cornerstone of the majority of enterprise initiatives.  The adoption of the product is unparalleled. However, much has changed in the world of work since the product was initially conceived and designed – and despite the injection of product innovations, we suspect SharePoint’s dominance is ceding.

Sharepoint twilight years

3. 8 Microsoft technologies that will change the way you work

Wow!  Don’t let our observations about SharePoint mislead you: Microsoft has had a spectacular year.  Under Satya Nadella’s leadership, they truly have reinvented themselves and delivered upon an exceptional vision for the digital workplace.
Their latest products make the prospect of anytime, anyplace work a much firmer reality.  They also recognize the key challenge of work in the information age – namely that is there is a TON of information – and have developed intuitive mechanisms for prioritizing, navigating and sensemaking. 

microsoft technologies

4. Stalled SharePoint project? A Model for understanding why

Launching an intranet or application on SharePoint isn’t easy.  Dishearteningly, industry surveys from AIIM reveal that nearly two-thirds of projects end up stalled or fail to meet expectations.  In this article we offer a systems-thinking approach to understanding the potential pitfalls of SharePoint projects so that you can effectively side-step problem-areas altogether or bring solutions back into alignment if things go astray. sharepoint project

5. How to improve employee engagement with a great intranet

Engagement matters. Nonlinear President, Randy Woods, makes the benefits of engagement tangible and offers his thoughts on fostering engagement through the digital experience.  Among the 3 tactics he shares, Randy explores how to visualize performance and create a culture of measurement and continuous improvement. company metrics intranet

6. 7 Traits that define the digital workplace

What is a digital workplace? Surely it’s defined by more than just using email or the web… but what are the hallmarks of a progressive digital business?  In this article we chart the evolution of workplace culture and technology and muse about the elements necessary to compete in the digital age.

7. What's on your wall: A content inventory health summary

Senior Consultant, Amanda Holtstrom is a master at visualizing complex concepts in simple terms. She's also keenly interested in content management. The intersection of her talents and interests has led to a fascinating series of posts on UX, governance and content strategy. In this highly popular post, she offers a fresh take on how to evaluate the state of your content.

8. Conducting stakeholder interviews for an intranet redesign

Insider alert! This article shares – in glorious Technicolor detail – Nonlinear’s methods for conducting stakeholder interviews. The process, as you might guess, is CRITICAL to ensuring that the design of your intranet aligns with the needs of your users.
stakeholder interviews

9. 5 Secrets to building a great intranet

Do you know what it takes to build a great intranet?  Enhancing productivity, sparking innovation, aligning teams are ideals coveted by every intranet project team – but how do you get there? Nonlinear Enterprise’s President Dan Roberge shares key lessons from the field.
ownership executive support

10. What’s new in SharePoint 2016?

A rundown of the latest cloud, on-premise and hybrid options by Solution Architect,
Francisco Aquino.   

11. “Fixing” the user experience

It must be user-friendly – is still the most often communicated “requirement” of our redesign projects. The old solution is inevitably NOT user friendly and everyone has high hopes for the new.  But how does one actually avoid the mistakes of the past?  What makes an experience “usable?”  Amy Yee breaks it down in simple terms.


12. Our take on Delve in Office 365

Amanda Holtstrom explains the nature of Graph databases and explains how Delve uses the Office Graph to prioritize and deliver information in a uniquely personal way.  She also offers key suggestions for enterprises wishing to get started with Delve.


13. The Office 365 Stampede: 5 reasons businesses
are turning to the cloud

Office 365 is the fastest growing product in Microsoft's commercial history.  The obvious justification for a shift to the cloud is cost-related but are there other factors? Learn how to calculate total economic impact and understand the advantages inherent in working like a network.

0365 cost comparison

14. Lean intranet content strategy

Doing more with less:  a reality every intranet team must grapple with.  How can the principles of Lean be used to eliminate waste… waste of the user’s time… waste of contributor efforts… waste of storage…  We explore strategies for making value the centerpiece of your intranet strategy.

15. Why company lifespan is declining and what to do about it

Are we on the cusp of a “Digital Revolution” with effects as profound as the Industrial Revolution before it?  The relentless march of Moore’s Law is reshaping business and giving way to Silicon Valley titans. To quote Marc Andreeson “software is eating the world.”  We explore why becoming “adaptive” may be the most important thing you do at work.

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