The Newfoundland Labrador Liquor Corporation (NLC) is a provincially funded crown corporation responsible for all importation, sales and distribution of alcoholic beverages in the province of Newfoundland. NLC offers an extensive product line in 24 corporate liquor stores and over 130 Liquor Express agency operation locations.

After a successful Sitecore mobile project launch with nonlinear digital, NLC expressed interest in a more sophisticated search function for the newly reengineered site to further enable site visitors to quickly locate desired products and inform customers about promotions and events happening within the organization.


A rigorous drill down into the analytics of the mobile site showed that almost half of all traffic used the search function, most often for product related search queries. This knowledge further confirmed the need for a more advanced search functionality. After consultation with relevant stakeholders and a thorough examination of potential search solutions, Coveo 7.0 was selected for implementation.

The functionality for the new search focused on a few key points:

  • Faceted navigation based on existing content model
  • A promotional “top results” area at the top of the search results
  • Auto-suggest in the search box as you type
  • Promotion of product collections in the right-hand rail
  • “Did you mean” and spelling correction
  • Customization of search interface to reflect branding and creative treatment


With the combination of the successful Sitecore Mobile implementation and the advanced search functionality of Coveo, the NLC is now able to provide its online visitors with a responsive website that meets the needs of its customers. Notable improvement in search results loading time and a marked enhancement in the navigation for the site are among the first observations by those who have used the new site. The relationship formed during the deployment of these two projects has resulted in a continued partnership between nonlinear digital and the NLC.