For seventy five years the Canadian Cancer Society has been relentless in its commitment to prevent cancer, fund research and support Canadians touched by cancer. It is a leader in cancer research and provides information and support to cancer patients and their families across the country. The Society’s bilingual website is a source of comprehensive and accessible cancer information for users. 

Prior to engaging nonlinear digital, the Society had completed a full redesign of their website with another digital marketing agency. When the site was relaunched, there was a dramatic decrease in the number of visitors to the site arriving from Google and other search engines. 

Our analysis determined that the new website contained five main points of concern:

  • non-descriptive and duplicate title tags;
  • canonical and duplicate content errors; 
  • 500 and 404 server errors;
  • missing, short and non-descriptive meta descriptions; and 
  • incorrectly structured sitemaps regarding the French language pages.


nonlinear digital developed multi-tiered recommendations designed to address each of the issues identified.  This included:

  • the creation of automatically generated title tags to replace the single title tag of the current site
  • the suggestion to develop handcrafted title tags and meta descriptions for the top 100 pages that benefited the most from search prior to the relaunch
  • designing  a 301 redirect strategy to address broken links causing the 404 errors
  • resolving the code issue causing most of the 500 errors 
  • designing a workaround to a sitemap issue that was preventing Google and other search engines from returning French-language pages to French-language searchers


The Canadian Cancer Society is currently implementing these recommendations with outstanding results. In the 11 weeks after nonlinear digital engaged the Society, organic search traffic to the website has grown 146% from about 30,000 weekly visitors to more than 70,000 weekly visitors.

Canadian Cancer Society analytics