bayer crop science facility


Bayer CropScience is the division of agronomic sciences of the Bayer Group, with strong presence in the seeds and traits fields, protection of crops and solutions for controlling non-agricultural pests. Challenges faced by the global agriculture community are as fascinating as they are scary: a growing world population increases the demand for food, fibers and renewable raw materials; changes in our climate threaten crop production and revenues from agriculture products at the end of each harvest; besides that, the best possible quality of life around the world is now driven by an increasing demand for high quality foods that are healthy and accessible. These challenges demand precise answers.

Science for a better life - this is the basis of Bayer CropScience whose work aims to provide integrated solutions for their clients so that they may produce more on each harvest, with better quality and in a sustainable fashion. The company offers an excellent array of products including high-value seeds, innovative solutions for the protection of crops both chemical and biological based, as well as extensive supporting services to the sustainable development of agriculture. In the field of non-agricultural products, Bayer CropScience has an extensive portfolio of products and services for pest control spanning from home and garden aimed to the reforesting segment.

For Bayer CropScience, an integrated and efficient internal communications channel is essential in order to have all stakeholders on common ground regarding the company's goals, allow for better collaboration by connecting employees across geographies and maintain open channels of dialogue for more fluid communication inside the company.

With these objectives in mind, Bayer CropScience of Brazil reached out to nonlinear to implement a new intranet based on the Sitecore CMS.


Working together with the Bayer CropScience team in São Paulo, nonlinear planned the implementation of the new intranet based on the following parameters:

Follow the design guidelines established by the parent company
The team at nonlinear worked with the team of Bayer in Brazil keeping in mind a series of guidelines for the web defined by the main company.

Reuse of Sitecore templates
A series of predefined templates for Sitecore CMS were provided by the main company as a starter kit and served as the basis to the project speeding up the initial development. nonlinear then customized and enhanced the templates to better suit the needs of the team in Brazil.

Fast and efficient migration
All the content to be migrated from the old Lotus Notes/TimeToWeb system to the Sitecore environment was mapped in an easy-to-follow document for the migration team. This process meant that the client could review the pages and the teams could make any necessary content or code changes very quickly, thus ensuring a smooth migration process.


The job complied with all the parameters established by the Bayer group in Brazil and their main company in Germany and got a quick approval. By always working within deadlines and budget, nonlinear helped Bayer CropSience of Brazil to meet their target for launching their intranet.

The work also led to the creation of an implementation framework that will allow other intranets from the Bayer Group in Latin America to be successfully and quickly configured, maximizing the benefit of the initial investment.