The Sitecore DMS introduces some incredible features for marketers but the platform can seem overwhelming thanks to the wide variety of available tools. Understanding what each feature does and how they can best serve your individual needs is critical.

By bundling its Digital Marketing System (DMS) with its flagship CMS under the umbrella of the Customer Engagement Platform, Sitecore has joined a small number of commercial web CMS vendors who have crossed over into the parallel class of multi-channel marketing platforms.

While the DMS’ features aren’t necessarily new to savvy web marketers, what is new is the ability to access some best practice digital marketing tactics and techniques directly from your web content management system. Not only does this create something of a one-stop shop – a fairly significant evolution in its own right – it has the added benefit of driving your marketing from the same system that controls your content.

While the DMS’ mix of tools and tactics may seem, at first, like something of a windfall for digital marketers, real-world experience has shown us that it can be hard to know just where to start. Figuring out an approach to rolling out some of these features is the first step in using the platform successfully.

This whitepaper explores the various CXM-related tactics that are enabled by the Sitecore DMS and goes into detail on which tactics are most useful in several common business scenarios. We also look at limitations and special considerations associated with them, concluding with an in-depth scenario that walks through a logical rollout of the DMS in a common business application.

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