This Sitecore training session is one of a series for new Sitecore developers. It aims to get .NET developers up and running with all things Sitecore. In this session, 2017 Sitecore MVP Amanda Shiga explores Sitecore data enrichment and personalization.

Among other marketing features, Sitecore’s data gathering and personalization capabilities are one of the driving forces behind client interest and adoption. Sitecore personalization in particular, the ability to effectively personalize website content for website visitors based on a variety of factors in order to drive engagement and conversions, is the goal of many Sitecore clients. 

Using Sitecore's advanced marketing capabilities are the next natural step after having created a Sitecore website and a way for clients to tap into real Sitecore ROI.

In this webinar: Unofficial Sitecore 8 Training Webinar Series – Session 9: Sitecore data enrichment and personalization, we take a look at:

  • How to get started with data enrichment and personalization
  • What the importance of xDB data enrichment is
  • How to build your strategy
  • What types of personalization exist in Sitecore and how/when to apply them
  • How to keep personalization manageable for marketing ops and website performance
  • How to measure success
  • How to extend Sitecore’s personalization capabilities

Check out Amanda's Sitecore data enrichment and personalization webinar below:

To download the slides, click here:

Unofficial Sitecore Training - Data enrichment and personalization from nonlinear creations

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