This Sitecore tip is about empowering the content author to drive strategic change.

When organizations begin to climb the Sitecore Customer Experience Maturity Model Ladder and begin to leverage the Sitecore platform to the fullest, the role of the strategist becomes extremely important. But all too often strategists end up spending the majority of their time working with developers in Sitecore rather than content authors. 

Like any digital platform; those that interact with the Sitecore platform on a daily basis are more productive, more effective and more efficient using it than those who don’t. So why don't we empower those closest to the Sitecore experience to help drive improvement and change: the content authors?

We are all best at what we do on a daily basis. The theory of strategic change, specifically optimisation and personalisation is certainly not for everyone and requires colleagues that are apt at understanding users, analysing data, formulating tests and reacting to insights from said tests. Where strategists  aren't so good (and where the problems start) is when they jump into a system to deploy tests they aren’t familiar with. As an analogy, we wouldn’t expect a formula one driver to change the tires on the car would we? So why do we expect the strategist to deploy, edit and maintain profiles, patterns and tests?

For best results, I suggest close collaboration with the strategist, the developer (if required) and the content author. Working together, the content author can detail, document, create your profiles, personas and pattern cards. As the author is closest to the content, components, and the editing interface, they are best placed to maintain it. They know what components fit and what don’t. They are also the quickest at building tests accurately which has a major knock-on effect - tests going live will be quicker, insights being learnt will be faster and impact on business goals and objectives will be fundamentally positive. 

Engage your content author in the optimisation and personalisation process. Put them in the driving seats! 

This blog post is part of a collection of posts by Dominic Hurst and Dan Murphy; Sitecore Strategists who presented a collection of these tips to the Sitecore Universe at the 2017 Symposium.

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