This Sitecore tip is about enhancing the content author experience; leveraging insightful data to add real value to the editing process.

The day-to-day life of a content author is a busy one. Jumping from page to page, making amendments or creating whole new areas. Prioritization of tasks is hard, with those that shout loudest normally coming first. It shouldn't and doesn't have to be that way. Wouldn’t it be ideal if you knew if a page was worth editing before you edited it? Wouldn’t it be ideal if you were informed how to make it better based on the performance of other pages on your digital offering?

Too often analytics reports and the editor experience are independant of each other, if even associated together in the first place. Top performing pages, areas of improvement, or even broken pages are contained in separate reports isolated from the authors and their editing platform. 

With time of the essence, we want to give authors the choice of whether the page that needs editing is of high priority or not. Currently in development and soon to be placed on the Sitecore Marketplace is a new analytics module that will allow teams and organizations to bring insightful metrics into the Sitecore Experience Editor ribbon. Starting with page performance, rank and value metrics, authors will be able to sense if a page is high priority. They will also be able to see what other similar pages are performing well; for example if they write blogs, show what other blog posts are adding the most value. Utilizing this information and working with the authors of those pages can help develop rich and engaging content site wide. 

By introducing metrics into the Experience Editor interface we create the reason to improve the page in the first place. We bring context to the page; is it performing well? Is it performing better than other pages? Immediately you will know if this page is the one to edit. If it’s not the page to edit you can find out what pages are better and why.

Use data to bring a holistic approach to the author experience and the content lifecycle. It’s much more than content updating; its content creation, content improvement and content removal. Spend your time wisely delivering value to your business. 

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This blog post is part of a collection of posts by Dominic Hurst and Dan Murphy; Sitecore Strategists who presented a collection of these tips to the Sitecore Universe at the 2017 Symposium.

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