Here's how Sitecore XP's capabilities can improve your B2B marketing funnel.

Capitalizing on Sitecore XP's (formerly the Sitecore DMS) capabilities throughout the B2B marketing funnel

Content marketing and B2B marketing with Sitecore XP

Rand Fishkin’s whiteboard Friday videos are mandatory viewing for most online marketers.  His recent take on B2B content marketing is an especially useful contribution.  And it got us thinking.  

Rand is right. You have to create great content. It has to support the information needs of your prospects as they move through the marketing funnel. But that’s only the start of the challenge.  

As much as 70 percent of the content created by B2B marketers goes unseen.  B2B marketers NEED to get that amazing, compelling content in front of the right people and then escort these prospective clients through the funnel.  

Sitecore XP for B2B Marketers: Where to start

Sitecore XP gives B2B marketers a large palette to work with – indeed, knowing where to start is often the biggest challenge our clients face.  This diagram might help.  

The B2B marketing funnel

We’ve extended Rand’s funnel to include some stages we see as critical to B2B marketing – the handoff from marketing to sales, for example, is a lynchpin in B2B marketing.  

One caveat (in anticipation of grumpy comments) – this is a simplified illustration. Most tactics can contribute at most stages of the B2B marketing funnel and the specific value of a tactic varies with the B2B business model.  But I hope it’s a useful simplification.

Discover how Sitecore XP capabilities can impact the B2B marketing funnel. 

Click on any stage in the funnel below to view complementary Sitecore XP marketing capabilites.


Objective: Drive first visit to website

Sitecore XP Capabilities (formerly Sitecore DMS)

  • Rules-based implicit personalization
    • Example: Promote case studies from a client in same city as visitor
    • Example: Highlight previous work with the visitor's organization and provide instant credibility
  • Engagement value
    • Scoring visit based on visitor behaviour lets marketers evaluate marketing spend
  • Visitor profiling based on implicit behavior
    • Categorize the visitor as a specific persona or profile type based on the content they consume
  • Sitecore media framework
    • Dramatically simplifies video publishing and integration

Common Marketing Tactics

  • Organic SEO
  • Organic Social
  • Paid Search
  • Video and SlideShare publications

Consideration / Comparison

Objective: Drive repeat visits to site (with the aim of deepening prospect understanding of your offering) 

Drive follows on social channels

Sitecore XP Capabilities (formerly Sitecore DMS)

  • Profile-based implicit personalization
    • Promote the product or service most likely to match visitors interest based on their previous behaviour
  • Path Analyzer
    • Provides insight into content that contributes to driving deeper engagement
  • Profile-based remarketing
    • Example: craft a remarketing campaign that places different posts in the Twitter streams of technical, business and financial buyer personas

Common Marketing Tactics

  • Sponsored updates
  • Sponsored Twitter posts
  • Remarketing (LinkedIn, Facebook, Google)

Lead conversion

Objective: Get a real name and email address from a real person who can plausibly purchase offer

Sitecore XP Capabilities (formerly Sitecore DMS)

  • Content Optimization
    • Ongoing A|B testing of conversion offers drives higher value without additional marketing spend
  • Sitecore Webforms for Marketers
    • Allows marketers to create and experiment with forms without IT barriers
  • Built-in CRM integrations (Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce, etc.)
    • Sitecore's modular framework makes it straight forward to sync customer data between Sitecore xDB and your CRM of choice

    Common Marketing Tactics

    • Gated content (e.g. whitepaper or analyst content)
    • Webinars
    • Product demos
    • Free trial/download

    Lead nuturing

    Objective: Achieve a leadership position in the consideration stage as they approach a decision

    Sitecore XP Capabilities (formerly Sitecore DMS)

    • Explicit personalization
      • Example: Promote discounts available to a visitor based on an existing contract with their company
    • Experience automation
      • Script an automated conversation that deepens prospects' understanding of your value proposition 
    • Print Experience Manager
      • Example: Allow visitor to assemble a PDF of the content they wish to read offline
      • Example: Easily assemble online materials into a physical book for distribution to high value prospects

    Common Marketing Tactics

    • Scripted contact
    • Remarketing activities

    Transition to sales

    Objective: Sales qualify the lead

    Sitecore XP Capabilities (formerly Sitecore DMS)

    • Engagement Value
      • Set a threshold for passing a lead to the sales team for pursuit
    • Experience Profile
      • Provide inside sales with insight into prospects' needs as illustrated by their online behaviour

    Common Marketing Tactics

    • Email and phone follow ups


    Objective: Complete first transaction

    Sitecore XP Capabilities (formerly Sitecore DMS)

    • Commerce Connect
      • Easily integrate with commerce platforms (Insight Commerce, zNode Multifront, etc.)
    • Sitecore Federated Experience Manager
      • Understand visitor behaviour on third-party transactional systems
    • Sitecore analytics and marketing hierarchy
      • Attribute revenues to marketing activities and optimize spend 

    Common Marketing Tactics

    • Offline contract signing
    • Offline procurement/provisioning

    Evangelism / retention / resale

    Objective: Deepen client relationship 

    Make additional purchases simple and pain-free

    Sitecore XP Capabilities (formerly Sitecore DMS)

    • Email Experience Manager
      • Manage newsletters and promotions
    • Commerce Connect
      • Enable the purchase of training, documentation or other ancillary offerings (even if initial purchase is performed offline)
    • Print Experience Manager
      • Quickly create the print materials from online content
    • Explicit personalization
      • Example: Promote a specific product based on previous purchases or periodically required consumable
    • Sitecore Mobile SDK
      • Allows you to publish content using Sitecore directly to mobile apps and collect data on content use

    Common Marketing Tactics

    • Email newsletters / promotions / discounts
    • Corporate app
    • Mailed catalogs / brochures / books
    • Client-only extranets / webinars
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