The Sitecore MVP Award Winners for 2016 have officially been announced! This year, yet another Nonlinear team member has been awarded this prestigious designation, bringing our MVP roster to a total of 7 team members. This is just one of many ways we've committed to building and growing our Sitecore expertise, all to ensure the delivery of expert solutions to our clients.

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Our Sitecore expertise by the numbers.

  • 2008 
    The year we became a Sitecore partner

  • Sitecore MVPs

  • 200+ 
    Sitecore deployments

  • 30+ 
    Trained and experienced Sitecore developers

  • Continents (offices in Canada, US and Brazil)

  • Sitecore Digital Strategist MVP

  • Sitecore Specializations (ALL)

  • Sitecore Site of the Year Awards

Amanda Shiga

Sitecore Technology MVP 2016

Amanda Shiga Sitecore MVP Sitecore Technology MVP 2016

Amanda is Nonlinear Digital’s Vice President and has been a Sitecore MVP for four years. She has been part of the Nonlinear team since 2006 and brings more than 15 years’ experience in designing and building effective content management and web-based solutions within a variety of industries. Amanda leads the Nonlinear Digital team in delivering digital marketing solutions and contributes significantly to business development and thought leadership. Learn more about Amanda's Sitecore MVP Award here. 

A sample of Amanda's thought leadership pieces:

Glen McInnis

Sitecore Technology MVP 2016

Glen Mcinnis Nonlinear Sitecore MVP Sitecore Technology MVP 2016

Glen has been Vice President at Nonlinear since 2006 and a Sitecore MVP for eight years. He has both strategic and tactical experience with leading CMS vendors including Sitecore, Adobe, Microsoft and OpenText and has been named a Sitecore MVP every year since 2009. Glen has overseen teams responsible for more than 200 content management deployments and complements this real-world  experience with substantive formal education. Learn more about Glen's Sitecore MVP Award here. 

A sample of Glen's thought leadership pieces:

Jason St-Cyr

Sitecore Technology MVP 2016

Jason St-Cyr Nonlinear Sitecore MVP Sitecore Technology MVP 2016

Jason is a Sitecore MVP who has been working out of our Ottawa office since 2011 and has been a Sitecore MVP for three years. In his role as a Solution Architect, he’s tasked with planning, developing and implementing Sitecore solutions. His current focus lies in Application Lifecycle Management (ALM), working to optimize a team’s ability to transition from idea to delivery and beyond to the end of life of the service. Learn more about Jason's Sitecore MVP Award here. 

A sample of Jason's thought leadership pieces:

Nick Allen

Sitecore Technology MVP 2016

Nick Allen Nonlinear Sitecore MVP Sitecore Technology MVP 2016

Nick Allen has been building complex web applications for over 10 years and has worked with Sitecore since version 5.3. This is Nick's 4th year as a Sitecore MVP. He has always been a keen member of the Sitecore community in the UK and Canada, attending, speaking at and organizing user groups. Nick is a key contributor to Keystone for Sitecore and presented the latest developments in the acceleration framework at SUGCON North America 2015. Learn more about Nick's Sitecore MVP Award here.

A sample of Nick's thought leadership pieces:

Randy Woods

Sitecore Digital Strategist MVP 2016

Randy Woods Nonlinear Sitecore MVP  Sitecore Digital Strategist MVP 2016

As Nonlinear Creations’ Co-founder, Randy has been helping clients achieve their online goals since 1995. This is Randy's 3rd year as a Sitecore MVP. He has two decades of leadership experience in the development of online marketing strategies and implementation plans, applying a combination of business acumen, technical knowledge and marketing insight to the challenges faced by his clients. His extensive experience using the Sitecore platform for digital marketing has earned him the title of Digital Sitecore MVP. Learn more about Randy's Sitecore MVP Award here. 

A sample of Randy's thought leadership pieces:

Roberto Barbedo

Sitecore Technology MVP 2016

Roberto Barbedo Nonlinear Sitecore MVP Sitecore Technology MVP 2016

Roberto has over 15 years of software development experience and four years of in-depth Sitecore knowledge. This is Roberto's 2nd year as a Sitecore MVP. He has delivered end-to-end bespoke solutions for a diverse range of multi-sector clients. Recently he's been involved in several greenfield projects as well as Sitecore 8.0 and 8.1 upgrades and setup. Learn more about Roberto's Sitecore MVP Award here. 

A sample of Roberto's thought leadership pieces:

Rodrigo Peplau

Sitecore Technology MVP 2016

Rodrigo Peplau Sitecore Technology MVP 2016

Rodrigo Peplau started to work with Sitecore in 2010. Since that time, he has been involved in several important projects with Nonlinear, acting as Solution Architect or Developer, and achieving fantastic results. Rodrigo holds a degree in Software Engineering, a Postgraduate Course in Software Engineering, and has more than 15 years of IT experience. With improvement as a constant goal, he never wastes a chance to read, research and share what he has learned with others. Learn more about Rodrigo's Sitecore MVP Award here.

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