The power of the Sitecore xDB has been well documented, but ensuring a suitable technical implementation will require your developers to answer a few important questions. Our decision tree can help: 

To leverage the power of xDB in your Sitecore 8 installation, you will need to decide how you will deploy xDB in your organization. Sitecore offers three implementation models: Cloud, On-Premise, and À la carte (similar to On-Premise but different licensing).


The Sitecore xDB Cloud Edition allows you to run Sitecore xDB entirely in the cloud. This means you won’t have to think about reporting databases, processing servers, or collection databases. For clients with limited IT resources or who are looking for a managed solution, this is very appealing.

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Choosing to deploy xDB within your own IT infrastructure gives you a lot of control over your implementation. You can control the hardware, network, security, database and backup management, availability, etc. Obviously, this comes at a cost of time and money, but is still an appealing option for clients who need to have ultimate control over architecture.

À la carte (On-Premise part deux)

For existing DMS clients, there is an à la carte licensing option which is architecturally the same as the On-Premise model, but has different limits and pricing for processing servers. This is an appealing option for clients who have limited use of xDB and are looking to upgrade from an existing installation.

How do I choose?

Our team here has been looking into a lot of the advantages and disadvantages of the different models, and we’ve put together a decision tree for you to help with making the choice to deploy to the cloud, on-premise, or use the à la carte model. Try it out! (click to expand the decision tree)

Sitecore xDB Cloud

Still have questions?

Every scenario is unique, so please feel free to reach out if you need some guidance on where to go next!

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