Sitecore OOTB requires custom development of one sort or another, and added modules can help to further improve the functionality of the customer experience platform. We review the modules associated with common goals for Sitecore websites.

If you are a Sitecore customer or partner, you have access to multiple sources of free and paid modules which boost Sitecore’s capabilities. In this post I describe a few that I have found most helpful for Sitecore versions 6 and 7.

Core Sources 

There are three main sources where I most commonly find helpful modules:

  1. Sitecore Development Network (SDN) which publishes modules built and supported by Sitecore
  2. Sitecore Marketplace- a community-driven repository for third-party modules. Subject to the Shared Source Initiative, which specifies which contributions are Tested By and/or Supported by Sitecore
  3. Sitecore App Center, accessed from your instance, which features technology integrations and Cloud-based product extensions 

If you want support in implementing the Digital Marketing System (DMS):

What is it?  Free or paid? Where can I find it?
 SBOS Accelerators

  • Personalization Tracker
  • Actual Conversions Report
  • Historical Conditional Renderings
  • Measurement Types for MV Tests
 Free  Marketplace (written by the Sitecore team)
 Experience Explorer 

  • Simulate visits to your site as different visitors: personas, geographical, referrer, etc
  • View accumulated visitor profile in real-time
 Free Marketplace (written by the Sitecore team)
 DMS Gutters

  • View active personalization rules and MV tests in Content Editor
 Free GitHub
 Web Forms for Marketers

  • Enables marketers to add simple forms with a number of out-of-the-box Save Actions
 Free Sitecore Developer Network
 Email Campaign Manager

  • Simple email marketing tool
  • Allows use of CMS templates / personalization
  • Integrated with DMS Analytics
 Free  Sitecore Developer Network
 Social Connected Module

  • Push content to social networks
  • Rules editor enhancements using social network login
 Free Sitecore Developer Network
 Sitecore App Center

Includes a number of Cloud Apps, such as:

  • Web Compliance Monitor
  • Email Preview and Spam Check
  • Browser Page Preview
Paid, depending on app Your Sitecore instance- you may need to complete an access request form

Unlock the power of the xDB

A look at a day in the life of a Sitecore marketer

Get the whitepaper

If you want to boost engagement analytics capabilities

As we eagerly anticipate the all-new Sitecore 8 analytics, the following modules will support you in using the Engagement Analytics that come with Sitecore 6 and 7.

 What is it? Free or paid? Where can I find it?
 Analytics Database Manager

  • Back up and clear out analytics data
  • Better manage growth of Analytics DB
 Free Marketplace (written by Sitecore team)
 Nonlinear DMS-Google Analytics Module

  • Sends DMS data to Google/Universal Analytics
  • What personalization variant was viewed
  • What A|B test variant was viewed
  • Which visitor profile was accumulated 
  • Goals achieved in the Sitecore context
 Free with setup services Offered by nonlinear digital

If you require connectivity to external systems

 What is it? Free or paid? Where can I find it?
 Dynamics CRM Campaign Integration

  • Security Provider Module –represent contacts from the Microsoft CRM System as Sitecore security objects
  • WFFM Save Actions – configure direct mapping to save into CRM as Contact, Account, Entity 
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM v 3, 4, or 5 (2011, 2013)
 Free Sitecore Developer Network
 Sitecore-Salesforce S4S Connector

  • Wraps native Salesforce API in additional layer
  • WFFM Save Actions
  • Security Provider Module
 Paid Offered by FuseIT
 SharePoint Integration Framework

  • Harness the advantages of SharePoint’s document management features within Sitecore
 Free Sitecore Developer Network

If you would like to accelerate development

What is it?  Free or paid? Where can I find it?
 Sitecore Instance Manager

  • Top rated download on Marketplace
  • Allows for easy backup, restore, installation and management of builds and packages
  • Other useful wizards
 Free  Marketplace (Tested by Sitecore)
 Design Importer

  • Enables quick import of static web pages into Sitecore, immediately editable
  • Useful for fast stand-up of landing or testing pages, especially when working with third-party design agency
  • Minimal dev tweaks usually required
 Free Sitecore Developer Network
 Sharepoint Integration Framework

  • Harness the advantages of SharePoint’s document management features within Sitecore
 Free Sitecore Developer Network
 Accelerator Frameworks

  • Offer a starter kit with ready-made components and configuration, so your development team is not starting from scratch. For example, Keystone for Sitecore. Typically includes: 
- Sitecore best practices and configuration baked in
- Allow for investment in “the hard parts” and take weeks/months off basic build
- Use of standardized presentation frameworks such as Twitter Bootstrap
- Well suited for brand-new builds or side-by-side microsites

 Paid Offered by Sitecore partners

I encourage you to try some of these out to support your implementation and marketing activities with Sitecore. One important tip is to install these modules in a test environment; as of yet, there is no “uninstall” feature for Sitecore packages. 

Want to learn more about which modules might be most helpful for your organization? Drop us a line. 

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