Since the wrap up of Symposium last month, the Sitecore community has been buzzing to get their hands on the newly announced Sitecore 8. In the first of a series, we look at the changes made to the platform's UI.

Please note: This post is based on the Sitecore 8 Technical Preview provided to our 6 nonlinear Sitecore MVPs. Once it lands in the hands of users, some details may have been changed. For all the latest Sitecore news, please consult SDN, or better yet, drop us a line

Now that we've gotten the housekeeping out of the way, let's take a look at the incredible visual transformation that Sitecore has gone through. You may remember that Sitecore once looked a little something like this:

Login Screen

Well prepare yourself because Sitecore 8 is most certainly new and improved:

Sitecore 8-login

The default page upon logging in is now the Launch Pad, which gives you easy access to all of the applications and interfaces of Sitecore, some of which you'll noticed have been renamed:

Sitecore 8- launch pad

Sitecore 8 has reimagined a few modules, with new names and new icons including:

  • Email Experience Manager = Sitecore 6/7 Email Campaign Manager (ECM)
  • Experience Editor = Sitecore 6/7 Page Editor

Federated Experience Manager, Experience Analytics and Path Analyzer are all new additions, but we'll save those for another, more in-depth look at Sitecore's newest offerings. 

Wondering about the desktop? That's seen a revamp as well:

Sitecore 8-default

And one of the features I'm most excited about: at any time, you can jump back to the launch pad using the omnipresent button in the toolbar (a real benefit to those of us who are jumping back a forth a lot):

Sitecore 8-minilaunchpad

Sitecore has done a really nice job with this updated UI, which has also been made more compatible for mobile devices. While not fully responsive, many screens do resize/scale in a more mobile friendly version than past Sitecore editions. I also found the UI to be more responsive than past Sitecore versions. 

Well that concludes our first look, but be sure to check back as we dive deeper into what Sitecore 8 has to offer. 

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