With the recent release of Sitecore 7.2, content authors and developers alike are celebrating the improvements in publishing capability. We've put 7.2 to the test with this performance benchmark comparison.

With yesterday's release of Sitecore 7.2, Sitecore customers have something we have long been asking for: faster publication. While the new publishing features are not enabled by default, Sitecore 7.2 has introduced an option for activating the parallel publishing queues. These new additions mean that the faster your hardware, the faster your publication.

How does this affect your Sitecore publishing?

To understand just how much of a difference parallel publishing can make, we took the default Sitecore database and executed a full site publish with and without parallelism. This test was conducted on a relatively modest Windows 7 workstation with 8 GB of RAM and 4 cores (i7).

As you can see in the graph below, the parallel publish with 4 threads was about 45 seconds while the standard publication queue took over three minutes- pretty impressive numbers.

Sitecore 7.2 publishing graph

The catch? While parallel publication was running, the CPU utilization fell between 30% and 50%. Sitecore was still responsive, but some sluggishness was noticeable. Based on these initial tests I would be cautious about deploying parallel publication for single server installations. Based on the results of our test, the CPU utilization of the publication process would have a meaningful impact on the end users of the published website. For separate content management instances, the performance improvements are worth at least a test run of your solution.

What else can Sitecore 7.2 do?

We'll be running a number of tests over the next few weeks to look at how the newly announced Sitecore 7.2 can contribute to your publishing activity. Make sure to check back for further results.

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