The integration of the Sitecore DMS and Google Analytics allows digital marketers the freedom to make data-driven optimization decisions. Our connector module will allow you to do just that.

Those of you following along at home have probably noticed we're big on Sitecore DMS and Google Analytics integration. So much so, we built a nice little connector module and wrote a whitepaper telling you why you should combine Sitecore's data and Google Universal Analytics' reporting power.

There's a reason we're so excited about this. Closing the loop between two best-of-breed solutions (Sitecore for digital marketing and content management; Google Analytics for reporting and measurement) gives marketers some amazing opportunities. To whet your appetite, here are three examples (there are actually five in the whitepaper. This is what marketing people call "a tease").

Sitecore Personas - Tracking on-site activities

Much has been said about the power of Sitecore's persona functionality (though if you still want to know more, you should probably download this handy guide to the best marketing features of the Sitecore DMS).  However, one gap in the Sitecore reporting interface is how to segment traffic in your analytics reports using these handy groupings.

Configuring Sitecore personas as custom dimensions in Google Analytics, however, gives you the ability to do just that. Want to know if visitors who align with Persona A convert at a higher rate than those of Persona B? Curious which channels drive the highest number of your most valuable persona? This integration can get you answers.

Real-time personalization: Is it working?

Sitecore's DMS can do some really cool real-time personalization stuff. From basic parameters like visit source or visitor geography to more complex variables such as persona or state in an engagement plan, the ability to serve up a tailored, nuanced view of your web world to your key audiences is at your fingertips. But how well is it working? 

By treating personalization rules as a dimension in Google Analytics, you can easily segment your traffic by which version of any personalized element your visitors saw. Then run you standard conversion reports or any other standard report to see the impact of your efforts.

Remarketing to your Sitecore personas

Interestingly, one of the most compelling reasons to integrate Google Analytics and the Sitecore DMS has nothing to do with analytics, at least not directly. Thanks to the deep integration of Google AdWords and Google Analytics, you can use pretty much any segment in your Analytics profile as an audience group for your remarketing. Including your Sitecore personas, if you've done the Google Analytics / Sitecore integration. 

Why spend hours re-configuring your Google Analytics segments to match what you've already created in Sitecore (oh, if you haven't already created those in Sitecore, we can help with that)? Integrate the systems and get on with your remarketing.

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