The Sitecore Digital Marketing System is an impressive tool that lets you target your customers and users like never before. Get to know the system a little better with this Sitecore DMS glossary.

The Sitecore Digital Marketing System (DMS) brings a bevy of tools and tactics right to your content management system. But with a world of digital marketing tricks at your fingertips all of a sudden, there's a whole new terminology for you to learn. 

Don't worry, we've got your back. The following is a glossary of terms written with marketers in mind.

Glossary of terms in the Sitecore DMS

Engagement value – a means of scoring a visit based on the visitor’s level of trust and commitment, based on the content they view and the actions they take. The engagement value allows marketers to assign relative engagement values to touchpoints on the website, reflective of their importance to website goals. For example, a pricing quote request may be assigned a higher engagement value than a specific page view.

Visitor profiles – site visitors can be segmented into pre-defined visitor profiles that build as the visitor browses and interacts with the website, based on the content they view and the actions they take.

A|B and Multivariate testing – by serving different versions of an element of a site randomly to visitors, marketers can easily test the effectiveness of a content element in convincing visitors to perform a desired action. By default, these tests evaluate content against the resulting engagement value of visitors.

Rules-based implicit personalization – the ability to target content to anonymous visitors through relatively simple rules based on known visitor information, including their location, the keywords that brought them to the site and the number of times they have visited the site.

Persona or profile-based implicit personalization – marketers have the ability to target content to visitors based on the “category” into which they’ve been placed as part of the visitor profiles described above. This is how the passive visitor profiles actively interact with anonymous visitors.

Explicit personalization – this refers to the ability to personalize against profile attributes of a known or logged-in user.

Engagement plans – these allow marketers to script an ongoing conversation with prospects or clients after they've identified themselves. This is primarily done by scripting a series of timed emails but Sitecore DMS also allows you to target and personalize content on the site based on their “position” in an engagement plan.

Lead scoring – using either engagement value or by crafting clever visitor profiles, it is possible to score the value of leads the site generates. Ideally, this allows marketing to hand leads to sales only when they are ready to purchase.

Sales enablement – a direct sales team will be very interested in understanding who is visiting the site, particularly if they are visiting from IP addresses connected to companies that are already in their pipeline. Automatically feeding a visitor’s profile and browsing behaviour into a CRM system makes it accessible on demand.

Get started with the Sitecore DMS today

If the terms above have you excited about the possibilities sitting inside your Sitecore deployment, give us a call. Nonlinear offers a DMS readiness assessment and an accelerator offering to help you get up and running with DMS quickly.

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