A quick look at our predicted 2011 web trends.

It’s that time of year, folks. A gentle blanket of snow covers the ground; families gather together to share laughs and create memories; and bloggers trot out their predictions for 2011.

While the crew at nonlinear creations would never claim to be clairvoyant, we certainly get excited at the thought of what’s possible. So rather than make bold claims about what will happen, we’ll stick to sharing a few thoughts about what we’ll be watching for in 2011.

“It's all about  location, location, location. I'm watching to see how location-based applications become more integrated in social technologies. I think we're going to move further away from standalone location tools (foursquare, gowalla etc.) to see this functionality more integrated in other applications.”

Joe Boughner, Social Media Integration Consultant & Web Strategist 

“I think the big thing in 2011 is mobile enabled content. Companies need to rethink their website's content to be displayed on devices such as iPhone and iPad. Defining the appropriate content to be displayed on such gadgets and the best way to display them is something that UX experts will need more and more to help clients to figure out during the next year.”

Eduardo Moraes, CMS Specialist 

“What I'm looking for in 2011 is more change in the search landscape: Yahoo's decline, Bing inching up in share partly due to content partnerships, Google is seen less and less as a neutral force as it rolls out more competing products in search, ebooks, music, software and mobile phone systems. What will be the big change in search itself? Personalization. Where a site ranks will depend more on who searches, where they are and what they've looked for in the past.”

Bruce Meikle, Search Engine Marketing Specialist

“Print design will continue to influence the web. We’re already seeing a shift in how people access and read information online; web design will have to continue to become more organic. Magazine-style design is really going to take hold with the increased use of widescreen LCD, TFT and LED monitors; technologies like gesture-and-swipe tablets and HTML5 are fast, stable and can deliver content in a very versatile format. I think we’ll see more single page designs where people can scroll in many different areas. Lastly, I expect typography to continue to evolve online and become just as versatile and creative as in print design.”

Nathalie Mendonca, Director, Creative Services 

“Content management systems continue to evolve into much more than publishing tools, and businesses are really starting to get their feet wet with more sophisticated features such as real-time personalization and sales automation.  In 2011 I'll be watching for increasing uptake and innovation in this space, as more and more businesses look towards a next-generation web presence that works hard for both online audiences and marketing and sales departments.”                     

Amanda Shiga, Practice Area Lead, ECM

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