For those of you who wanted to go to the 2008 IA summit but didn't get the chance, we'll be posting all the slides and podcasts compiled at the conference. Here is round one! 

There have been some absolutely phenomenal presentations at the IA Summit in Miami so far. If you didn't happen to make it out to the conference or you’d like to revisit the material, I've amassed a list of IA Summit podcasts and PowerPoint slides. Not all presentations have been made available online yet so I’ll make a follow-up post in a couple of days to capture any new presentation links.

IA summit podcasts

Many of the events are being podcast courtesy of They plan to make the podcasts available over the coming days.

IA summit presentations

Pre-conference workshops

Backcasting 101: collaborative strategy development for information architects
Matthew Milan, Sam Ladner 

Information Architecture 3.0
Peter Morville 

Conference sessions 

Journey to the Center of Design
Jared Spool 

Tagging: Five Emerging Trends
Gene Smith 

Do real people really use tag clouds?: Research to help distinguish between web 2.0’s hits and hype
Garrick Schmitt 

Designing your reputation system in 15 easy steps
Bryce Glass 

The Information Architect & the Fighter Pilot
Matthew Milan 

Search Patterns
Peter Morville 

What do Innovative Intranets Look Like?
James Robertson 

Stay tuned for more from the IA summit!

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