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Website launched for Sitecore machine learning community

Amanda Shiga | September 22, 2017

the birth of a Sitecore machine learning community.

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Machine learning and what else is new in marketing with Sitecore

Amanda Shiga | September 15, 2017

Sitecore and machine learning.

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Sitecore Analytics: Driving business value

Amanda Shiga | April 12, 2017

how Sitecore Analytics drives business value.

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Digital Strategy and Marketing | Digital Industry and Trends

Adding personalization to your website: Challenges & recommendations

Amanda Shiga | September 29, 2016

considerations for adding personalization to your site.

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Testing scenarios for Sitecore XP readiness

Amanda Shiga | May 10, 2016

Is Sitecore XP ready to use?

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User Experience and Design | Digital Strategy and Marketing

Taking engagement measurement to the next level of granularity

Amanda Shiga | April 22, 2016

measuring user engagement on a more granular level.

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Steps to a successful Sitecore website launch (part 2)

Amanda Shiga | March 30, 2016

how to successfully launch a Sitecore website.

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CMS and Technology

Troubleshooting Sitecore 8 XP Analytics

Amanda Shiga | October 01, 2015

6 steps to troubleshooting Sitecore 8 XP analytics.

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CMS and Technology

Accessibility in Sitecore builds

Amanda Shiga | January 07, 2015

recommendations for improving Sitecore website accessibility.

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